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WW11 caps from Vive Style International hand made badges from U.E.N TRADERS Grand Master Apron from Win Master Ind Plain Chap (Unisex) from Beautiup T Shirts for WorldCup 2010 from ISHAS Apparel
Judo Uniform. from KARATEKAS Machine Embroidery from M.A. Embroidery hand made embroidered badges from BADGE MASTER INTERNATIONAL embroidery patch from khan embroidery HAND EMBROIDERY FAMILY CREST, COAT OF ARM BADGES from FRINGE& & TASSEL .CO

1. KARATEKAS T:92-52-6933260
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000]
karate uniforms, judo uniforms, kung fu uniforms, karate belts, taekwondo uniforms, ninja uniforms, boxing gloves & uniforms, shin guards

2. PAK AFSON ENTERPRISES T:92-52-3541675
embroidery & crafts textile, promotion gifts, uniform accessories, sporst wears & t-shirts, gloves

3. BURNY EMBROIDERY CO T:92-524-570863
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000] badges,military uniforms,flags,patches,caps&visors,chevrons,braids&cords,shoulder boards,machine embroidered badges,aiguillettes,caps card

4. WIN MASTER IND T:92-300-8614014
blazer badges, machine badges, cloth badges, military badges, uniform accessories

5. GENMAK IMPEX T:92-52-4591590
hand embroidered bullion badges, emblems, patches, wings, epaulettes, uniform ribbon, cap lanyards, metal badges, buttons, shoulder boards

6. JAM BROTHERS T:+92-52-4570607
[Manufacturer] manufacturers & exporters of hand embroidered bullion badges, emblems, patches, wings, uniform regalia, cap visors, family crests, flags, banners

military badges,patchs,blazer badges,uniform

8. FINE FIT INDUSTRIES T:92-523-251436
[Manufacturer] hand embroidery badges,pennants,army badges caps shoulders,shashes,machine badges,printed pennants,family crest,glangery caps

9. EMBLEM WORLD T:92-0524-592009
[Manufacturer] embroidery badges,emblems,patches,applets,military cords

10. 1DOLLARDIGITIZING T:92-300-4012221
[Other] embroidery digitizing,embroidery,digitizing,fashion,apparel

11. ISHAS APPAREL T:92-321-4961200
t shirts,polo shirts,pullovers,hoodies,handkerchiefs,caps,screen printing,embroidery,logo embroidery,embroidery digitizing

12. MIZLINK-PAKISTAN T:92-21-5840608
[Trading Company]
home textile, home decor, apparel

13. SHAFQAZ INDUSTRIES T:92-333-8638526
badges patches,flags banners,hand embroidery,machine embroidery,tshirts poloshirts,sweatsirts,customized garments

14. WIN MASTER INDUSTRIES T:92-300-8614014
musical instruments, bagpipes, practice chanter, badges, leather goods,

15. FRINGE& & TASSEL .CO T:92-334-8189608
bullion fringe, french braid, mettalic lace, bullion wire lace, cord and tassel, drop silver mylar thread fringe, plated bullion fringe

[Manufacturer] badges, flags, shoulders, crests, caps, ties, chevrons, cords, shoulders, sashes, fashion badges, feather hackles, patches, epaulettes, metal badges

17. UNIFORM INDUSTRIES T:92-300-6475940
uniforms, medals, badges, aprons, sashes, braids, ribbons, aiguillette, lanyards, cap cord,

18. SUHAIB ENTERPRISES T:92-300-3673343
embroidery crafts, handicraft items, leather goods, marble goods, artificial jewellary

19. ZAFAR & CO. T:92-055-3200500
embroidered patches, direct embroidery, shoe embroidery, applique, embroidery designing,

20. GEOBALOCH T:92-021-5445571
[Manufacturer, Agent]
balochi embroidery,

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