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Himalayan Lick Stone Salt from SAFA TRADERS Himalayan Rock Salt Hard Drink Shot Glass from TRADERS WORLD CORPORATION Table Salt from MINEX INTERNATIONAL Salt Pipe from Saamia Impex Edible Salt from KHUSHAL TRADERS
Natural Salt Candle Holder 2 from Glow Salt Edible Himalayan Crystalline White Salt from INDUSTRIAL TRADING CO. Himalayan Rock Salt Bricks from BRIGHT 'I' INTERNATIONAL Deicing Salt from GLOW SALT Crafted Salt Lamps from Chohansalt Lamps

1. SUPER SALT LAMPS T:92-300-6424877
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000]
himalayan salt lamps, rock salt lamps & candle holders, natural salt lamps, salt crystal lamps, himalayan air ionizers, 100

[Manufacturer HACCP]
rock salt lamp,natural salt lamp,himalyan salt lamp,bath salt,rock salt tealight,rhubarb roots,dry fruits,dried licorice powder,dried rose flower

3. DEYA SALT CRAFT T:92-544-831112
rock salt,rough salt,candle holders,eatable salt,road salt,edible salt,rock salt bricks,crafted salt lamps,spa salt,bath salt,animal lick salt

4. UNIVERSAL TRADERS T:92-333-5579239
natural salt lamps,crafted salt lamps,salt candle holders,crafted salt candle holders,salt bath and massage stones,salt tiles and bricks

5. SALT SOURCES COMPANY T:0092-0345-4416707
salt lamps,salt,rock salt lamps,salt tiles,salt fire bowl,bath salt,black salt,edible salt,natural salt lamps,rock salt

[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000] natural rock salt, salt lumps, rock salt lamps, rock salt grain, powder, black salt

7. CHANNEL INDUSTRIES T:92-052-3255620
boxing equipments, sports wear, leather garments, gloves, mittens, soccer uniforms, soccer balls, motorbike garments, motorbike gloves

8. EMP INTERNATIONAL T:92-523-540692
salt lamps, textile, leather wear, sportswear

9. BURNY EMBROIDERY CO., T:92-52-4570856
badge, family crest, machian patch, cords, golves, shoulders cords, banner, flag

supplier of all kinds of textile and leather,pet flakes,rock satl,sea salt,fresh fruits,fruit jucies

11. TUFAIL & SONS T:92-42-5170173
natural rock salt lamps,natural candle lights,crafted lamps,crafted candle lights,crushed bathing salt,salt decorative items

12. CHOHANSALT LAMPS T:92-0300-7451597
salt lamps,salt candles,table salt,salt soap,salt tiles

13. SSM TRADER T:0092-314-7587212
salt lamp and salt products

[Trading Company]
wooden furniture, embroidered cloth, marble items, salt items, khussay, furniture, embroidery, clothes, salt lamp, khussa, wood furniture

15. STARLINE ENTERPRISES T:92-333-2319077
salt lamps,salt candle holders,bath salts,salt for animals,horse salt licks,animal figurines salt lamps,animal sculpture salt candleholders

16. MAHNOOR SALT CRAFT T:92-544-409240
[Manufacturer ISO 14001:2004] himalayan salt lamps,candle hodlers,salt tile,salt bricks,natural lamps

manufacturer of rock salt crystal lams candle holder and tea light

18. INDUSTRIAL TRADING CO. T:92-21-32428037
salt lamps,himalayan salt,rock salt,salt bricks,rock salt lumps,rock salt tiles,rock salt crystals,rock salt crystalline,rock salt edible,lick salt

19. AL-AZEEM ENTERPRIZES T:92-21-6806880
edible salt, bath salt, animal licking salt, rock salt lamps, rock salt bricks, salt for horse, black salt, crystal salt lamps, himalayn rock salt

20. MAHNOOR SALT CRAFT T:92-544-409240
himalayan rock salt lamps, himalayan white crystal salt, wooden items, crystal salt candle holders, tea lights, rock salt naturel lamps

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