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Edible Salt from KHUSHAL TRADERS Pakistan Pure Himalayan Halite Crystal Salt Granulates/Chunks/Fine from Multi Rock Salt Company IRRI 9, Long Grain White Rice from AMAS LINKS pharmaceuticals from J.A.ENTERPRISE Creatine monohydrate from The Muscle Shop
salt wine from Nawwal Traders Hi Pro Fat 65 MF 2000 from HABIB ADM LTD. Turmeric from Waleed Food International Cola Flavor from Quality Flavors (Private) Ltd licking salt from Al Ahsan Enterprise

1. FINE GAS COMPANY LIMITED T:92-42-111 999 100
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000]
oxygen, nitrogen, liquid argon gas, compressed oxygen, compressed gases, dissolved acetylene, compressed argon, compressed air, aviation oxygen

2. MIRACLE MINERALS T:92-21-5392039
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000]
talc ore,talc powder,calcuim carbonate,nepheline syenite,rock salt

3. PAKISTAN GUM & CHEMICALS LTD. T:92-021-2561124
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000]
guar gum, guar meal, guar powder

4. HALLIEN CRAFTS T:92-42-35222671
rock salt lumps granules & chunks,salt lamps,salt candle holders & tea lights,salt bricks & tiles,industrial salt,edible iodized salt,pvd salt

5. AJWA FOOD ENTERPRISES T:92-21-32312238
seafood, indian mackerel, ribbon fish, rice, fruits, vegetables, all kinds of grains, cotton yarn, fabric

6. AL-AZEEM ENTERPRIZES T:92-21-6806880
edible salt, bath salt, animal licking salt, rock salt lamps, rock salt bricks, salt for horse, black salt, crystal salt lamps, himalayn rock salt

protein,amino acids,creatine,l-glutamine,vitamins,minerals,food,nutrition & body building supplements,turbo muscle,health,medicine

guar gum powder,guar gum,guar split,guar meal,guar gum food grade,guar gum derivatives,guar gum textile grade,guar gum mosquito grade

[Trading Company] chemicals, general order supplier, security equipements, fuel oils, oprical fiber cables

10. IBEX INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LTD. T:92-51-4862359-65
[Trading Company] military and police equipment,oil and gas sector equipment,plant and machinery,medical and surgical equipment,metals (ferrous and non ferrous

11. HEXAMEDIATES T:92-546-504751
[Manufacturer] red 2g,brown ht,uranine,glabour salt

[Manufacturer] guar gum, food ingredientd, food additives

13. DEWAN MUSHTAQ TRADE LTD. T:92-300-8224567
[Trading Company] cement,clinker,rice,calcium carbonate all sorts,trichloroethylene,polypropylene tape resin,plastic resins,antifoams,perchloroethylene,glycols (meg

14. GLOBALPLUS T:92-300-8233195
[Trading Company]
guar gum,talc,starch,acitic acid,np9

15. PHOENIX CHEMICALS (PVT) LIMITED T:0092-3222-888101
[Manufacturer] highly active bleaching earths, bleaching earth, fullers earth, bentonite

16. AL AZEEM ENTERPRISES T:92-21-36806880
[Manufacturer] salt lamps,salt tea lights,salt granules,black salt,salt bricks,industrial salt,licks salt,indutrial salt,cooking salt,salt chips,pink salt,rose salt

17. PAK EUROASIA CHEMICALS T:92-92-021-2257395
[Trading Company] carboxyl methyl cellulose

18. AZFAR & COMPANY T:92-42-7322722
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000]
machinery, industrial plants, power generators, raw materials, ferro alloys, grphite electrodes, food additives, feed aditives, lab equipments

19. ITTEFAQ TRADING COMPANY T:92-42-37513782
[Manufacturer HACCP ISO 9001:2008]
himalaya crystal salt,rock salt,bath salt,edible salt,animal lick salt,industrial salt,black salt,salt lamps,salt tealight holder,salt candle holder

20. FAIRDEAL TEXTILES (PVT.) LIMITED T:92-21-3256-8772-5
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000] raw sea salt,raw lake salt,rock salt,refined salt,industrial salt,vacuum dired salt,zinc ash,kaolin raw,iron ore,bauxite / calcined bauxite,gypsum

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