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[Trading Company] copiers, fax, scanners

2. VISTA INTERNATIONAL T:92-334-3464398
[Trading Company ISO 9001:2008] laptops,printers,fax machines,scanners,gps,medical equipments,printing

3. J & N (JAVIDANDSONS.COM) T:971-50-4764197
[Manufacturer] used computers and laptops, used photocopiers, fabric

4. ULTRAVISION T:92-51-5952964
stationery printing,business cards,flyers,tags/labels,files/folders,calendars,executive diaries,letter heads,brouchures,magazines,envelopes,stickers

[Trading Company] photocopiers machines, facsimile machines, laser printer

[Trading Company] water filtering products and office equipments

7. ZAIN TRAIDING CO T:92-42-7727524
[Trading Company] copiers

8. ASIAN OFFICE EQUIPMENT T:92-021-6362536
[Distributor] copier, printing machinery, printers & scanners

9. C-TEC T:92-51-2805084
[Trading Company] used copiers, minolta copier, toshiba, refurbished copier, graphtec

10. GREATER PAK SERVICES T:92-51-2801200
[Trading Company] computer paper, solar energy products, office products, faxes & copiers

11. MEHRAN BUSINESS SYSTEMS T:92-21-241 3289
[Trading Company] photo copier toner

12. PANTHERSCOPYY T:92-042-7111654
[Distributor] copier, scanners, computers, used electronic things

13. L. B. M T:92-42-7223039
[Other] used minolta copiers

14. IMMINON T:92-42-7227110
[Trading Company] used copiers

15. ROYAL COMMUNICATIONS T:92-058710-42867
[Trading Company] used cars ,hardware accessories,house hold items ,water treatment plants

16. NEDO CORPORATION T:92-021-34311595
[Trading Company] multimedia projeconstors,paper shredders,attendance & security solutions,surveying and construction machinery,video confrencing,office equipment,gps

17. PREMIER TRADERS T:92-21-2417740
[Distributor] we are engaged in the office equipment business for the last 20 years.

18. HONEY & SUNNY SUPPLIER T:92-21-2201180-81
[Trading Company] fresh vegitable, fruit and used photo copier

19. AIM T:92-042-5174269
[Trading Company] copier, pabx, fax

20. BIZHUB SOLUTIONS T:92-42-7227058
[Distributor] copiers, facimiles, lap tops

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