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Sky Blue Sports cap from AW TRADERS track suits from STELLAR INSTRUMENTS CO. Root Elevators from RAEES & COMPANY Leather Strap for Razor Sharpening from VEERUM SURGICO SPONGE FORCEPS from Wellgrow International
Nail Cutters from Gelenco International Company Tailor's Scissors from MUSKAN INTERNATIONAL Super Cut Scissors from N.a & Sons International Dental Syringe from BAVA Intl Manicure Sets from Society De Zulco

1. VEERUM SURGICO T:92-52-3550776
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000]
manicure instruments,surgical instruments,beauty & pedicure,razor scissors,cuticle nippers & amp; nail cutters,hair scissors,barber scissors

2. SANYO ENTERPRISES T:0092-52-3554552
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000 QS-9000 SA8000]
damascus knives, hunting knife, leather sheath cover, swords, pocket knives, damascus, steel, gift, hunting, brass

3. SAHIL SURGICAL (PVT) LTD., T:0092-52-4261495
surgical instruments, beauty care instruments, dental instruments

4. STELLAR INSTRUMENTS CO. T:92-52-8113325
surgical instruments, dental instruments, veterinary instruments, manicure impliments, hand tools

5. RAEES TRADERS T:92-52-3521615
[Trading Company ISO 9001:2000]
lamination, ply wood, skin door, chip board, mdf

6. BHALLIS ENTERPRISES T:92-300-8668667
[Manufacturer, Agent] core spun, poly cotton, poly poly

7. METAL SMITH CO T:92-322-741 1418
scissors,tailor scissors,industrial tailor scissor,manicure,barber scissors

8. SOCIETY DE ZULCO T:92-52-3555798
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000]
nail / cuticle scissors, clippers, nippers, cutters, tweezers, pushers, gouges, tailor / barber / thinning / shop / thread scissorsnail files

[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000]
hairdressing scissors,manicure implements,pedicure implements,embroidery scissors,pet grooming

10. EUROAASIA IND T:92-52-3256989
fancyscissors, haircutterscissors, nailcutterscissors, barberscissors, razor edge scissors, slide cutting scissors, thinigscissors, titaniumscissors

11. ASBS ENTERPRISES T:92-52-4568847
surgical, dental, beauty

12. MEDIEAST INSTRUMENTS T:92-052-8103215
surgical,dental,menicure,hairdressing scissors

13. AW TRADERS T:0092-300-6137989
beauty instruments, cuticle nipper, scissor, nail nipper, nail clipper, cuticle scissor, cuticle, fancy scissor, razor edge, razor edge scissor

14. N.N. TRADERS T:92-303-6363910
[Manufacturer] sewing threads

15. PRISM ENTERPRISES T:92-52-3251849
surgical instruments, dental instruments, veterinary instruments, manicure equipments, scissors

16. RAJ IMPEX T:0092-52-3254190
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000]
surgical, dental, manicure / pedicure instruments and scissors, scissors

17. BAVA INTL T:92-052-4005170
dental instruments, beauty instruments, manifure instruments, nail cutters, nail nipper,

18. A.K. EMPORIUM T:92-52-3560166
dental filling instruments, manicure instruments, retractors, operating scissors, nail nippers, hairdressing scissors, professional barber scissors

19. MUSKAN INTERNATIONAL T:92-52-3560649
[Manufacturer HACCP ISO 9001:2000]
tailoring scissors, pet grooming scissors, hair cutting scissors, surgical instruments, dental instruments, tweezers, forceps, cuticle

20. UNIVERSAL TRADERS T:92-333-5382865
beauty care tools, manicure, padicure,

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