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Table Salt from MINEX INTERNATIONAL Liecking animal salt stone from AL-GOHAR TRADERS ONYX MORTAR with PESTLE from S.A.E. INTERNATIONAL Basmati Rice from FOREIGN TRADE LINKER Edible Himalayan Crystalline White Salt from INDUSTRIAL TRADING CO.
MILAN DISH WASH BAR from AFTAB SOAP FACTORY (PVT) LTD,FAISALABAD Salt Lamp from zaynee salt craft Sulzer Ruti g6100 with electronic Jacquards from Zeeshan Enterprises OFFICE FURNITURE from DIN TRADING rice from Chain Reaction

[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000 ISO 9001:2008]
rbd palm oil,detergents,soap noodles,olien,mineral water,fatty acid,palm acid oil,coconut acid oil,soap lumps,soap stock,cno,toilet soap,laundy soap

2. SUPER SALT LAMPS T:92-300-6424877
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000]
himalayan salt lamps, rock salt lamps & candle holders, natural salt lamps, salt crystal lamps, himalayan air ionizers, 100

3. BARKAT INTERNATIONAL T:92-061-6774381
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2008]

4. AL-GOHAR TRADERS T:92-454-880181
natural rock salt lamp, natural rock salt candle holders, edible rock salt, black salt (kala namak) , white cement & other all cement, rice

5. S.A.E. INTERNATIONAL T:92-300-8421050
salt lamps,salt tea lights,broken salt,granulate salt,salt candle holder,salt lamp,himalayan rock salt,wooden bases for salt lamps,rock salt

6. SSM TRADER T:0092-314-7587212
salt lamp and salt products

skin care, hair care, post laser, genaral health care, medicated soaps

manufacturer of rock salt crystal lams candle holder and tea light

9. HALLIEN CRAFTS T:92-42-35222671
rock salt lumps granules & chunks,salt lamps,salt candle holders & tea lights,salt bricks & tiles,industrial salt,edible iodized salt,pvd salt

10. INDUSTRIAL TRADING CO. T:92-21-32428037
salt lamps,himalayan salt,rock salt,salt bricks,rock salt lumps,rock salt tiles,rock salt crystals,rock salt crystalline,rock salt edible,lick salt

11. AL-AZEEM ENTERPRIZES T:92-21-6806880
edible salt, bath salt, animal licking salt, rock salt lamps, rock salt bricks, salt for horse, black salt, crystal salt lamps, himalayn rock salt

12. EXPORT INTERNATIONAL T:92-345-2782060
[Trading Company]
sea salt,rock salt,talc lumps,manganese ore

13. UNIVERSAL MARKETING (PVT) LTD T:0092-42-5712067
rock salt lamps,himalayan rock salt,bath salt,basmati 385 rice,super basmati rice,irri-9 rice,rock salt,textile,salt bricks,scented bath salt

14. AYUB INTERNATIONAL T:92-21-2353980
[Trading Company] mango,mandarin,onion,potato,salt,edible refined salt,rock salt,salt lamps,sea salt,salt for industries

15. FEDERAL TREDARS T:92-213-2633836
[Manufacturer] pakistani rice 1121,super kernal,basmati 385,basmati 386,long grain d-98,long grain irri-9,long grain irri-6,parboiled rice,red rice,macaroni pasta

16. AL AZEEM ENTERPRISES T:92-21-36806880
[Manufacturer] salt lamps,salt tea lights,salt granules,black salt,salt bricks,industrial salt,licks salt,indutrial salt,cooking salt,salt chips,pink salt,rose salt

17. RABBANI & SONS T:92-42-7465969
[Trading Company] pumice stone, pumice powder, denim stone, washing stone, light weight concrete, pumcie blocks, textile chemicals,

18. MUHAMMAD AMJAD AND SONS T:92-48-3017707
manufacturing,salt lamps,candle holders,bath salt,salt soap,salt pillow,animal lamps,bowl lamps,cristal salt lamps,onyx lamps,onyx candles holders

19. ZNZ ENTERPRISES T:92-21- 2770606
rock salt crystal lamps, onyx marble handicrafts, rock salt

20. AWAMI TRADERS T:92-21-8665888
[Trading Company]
pakistani basmati and irri rice,dates,spices,sheeesham wood,sesame seeds,cumin seeds,hina (mehndi) and other food grain,onyx and marble,sea salt

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