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81. SHAHEEN ENTERPRISES T:0092-21-32530971-72
[Manufacturer HACCP ISO 9001:2008] sheep casings,sausage casings,animal casings,natural sheep casings,salted sheep casings,sheep sausage casings,wet salted casings,salted ovine casings

82. POLYDIST (PRIVATE) LTD T:92-21-2216078
[Trading Company]
pet resin, pet preforms, pet flakes, polyester chips textile grade, plastic raw materials (polyolefins) , marble blocks, fluorite, chrome ore

[Trading Company]
alfalfa seed,barseem clover seed,ephedra,basil seed,licorice root long and short peaces,basmati rice 386 silky polish sortex,pakistani rice

84. PAK TOWER COMPANY T:92-22-2635807
hulled / natural / mix sesame seeds,mustard seeds,fenugreek seeds,ajwain seeds,rice,coriander seeds,alflfa seeds,cumin seeds,fennel seeds

85. REHAN HERBAL MEDICINE T:92-42-7634097
herb medicine

86. MULTAN IMPEX T:92-321-6365050
wheat bran,cotton seed cake,cotton seed meal,conola meal,cotton linter 1 & 2nd cut,fresh mango mangoes,mango pulp,citrus,oranges,rugs & carpets,rice

87. SILVER SEAFOOD T:92-300-2660795
[Manufacturer HACCP] ribbon fish,salted jelly fish,frozen fish,seafood,fish,lobster,crabs,shells,indian mackerel,live seafood,spanish mackerel,reef cod,baigai,razor clam

88. AL NOOR ENTERPRISES T:92-21-2311478
fish,frozen seafood,frozen fish,indian mackerel,jellyfish,cuttlefish,crabs,silver pomfret,ribbonfish,barracude

89. REHMAN CORPORATION T:92-41-8777527
[Manufacturer HACCP ISO 9001:2000 SA8000] horticultural equipments,hybrid seeds,drip irrigation system,green house,plastic tunnels,export vegetabls,organic vegetables,fruits,aloe vera

90. AL ASAR TRADERS T:92-21-32439772
[Trading Company HACCP]

[Trading Company ISO 9001:2000 ISO 9001:2008 QS-9000 ISO 14001:2004] fresh citrus fruit,mandarin,oranges,apples,mangos

92. BARKAT INTERNATIONAL T:92-61-8164966
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000] mango,citrus,vegetables,rice

93. SA TRADING CO. T:92-21-4212558
basmati rice, pulses, dry fruits, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, mango juice, snacks, nimko, fried onion, ginger garlic paste, pickles, chutny

94. NIMBUS INTERNATIONAL T:92-42-8481074
hydrochloric acid hcl 35% , calcium chloride, sodium silicate, bleaching, ferric chloride solution

95. PAKISTAN ORGANIC FARMS T:92-42-6302778
[Other ISO 9001:2000] organic super brown / white basmati rice conventional super basmati white

[Manufacturer HACCP ISO 9001:2000] wheat flour,wheat bran,basmati & non-basmati rice,spices,rusk,vermicelli,paratha,vermicillies

97. REHMAT GROUP T:92-526-44-1550
tiger rice, mango juice, wheat porridge, cookware, sporting goods

[Manufacturer HACCP ISO 9001:2000 QS-9000 ISO 14001:2004] rice, bed sheets, towel, leathers, cotton, garments, fruits, fabrics, fish, salt

99. THE VISION GROUP T:92-21-4554339
[Trading Company]
rice, fruit and vegetables, salt lamps

100. MUHAMMAD HANIF EXPORTS T:92-21-34690833
[Manufacturer HACCP ISO 9001:2008] super kernel basmati rice,super kernel basmati parboiled rice,long grain basmati rice d-98 (pk-198),long grain rice pk-386,long grain irri

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