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81. RY INTERNATIONAL T:92-42-5173836
hosiery,socks,socks manufacturer

82. GROUP 38 T:92-21-6032451
tent,frame tents,army tents,conopiese,umbrellas,sleeping bags,metress,and all kind of canvas and other fabrics,glitter,textile printing

surgical, dental, veterinary, manicure, opthalmology, gynecology, holloware, bone, lung surgery, neuro, cardiovascular, anesthesia, tc instruments

84. FORTUNA BEAUTY INDUSTRIES T:0092-333-8643843
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000] surgical instruments,dental instruments,eye instruments,veterinary instruments,beauty instruments,manicure & pedicure,forceps,scissors,needle holders

85. HS MARBLE T:92-0571-03002336508
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000] all kind of marble, onyx granite marble slabe, all type of marble decoration products

86. S-J OVERSEAS CORPORATION T:92-55-6602517
damascus knivee,swords,daggers,hunting knives,decoration ware,beauty care,leather ware,sports ware

87. SHAIKH TRADERS T:0092-21-4394429
[Trading Company]
general trade, ladies & mens garments, kids garments & cosmetics, wooden & marble handicraft

88. MHAD INTERNATIONAL T:92-52-4588151
stainless steel hospital holloware utensils,hospital utensils,stainless steel medical utensils,hospital hollow ware,medical equipment

gemstones and handicrafts,lapis lazuli top grade,silver jeweley in natural gems,rare minerals of the earth,specimens and crystals

90. AVANZ CRAFTS CORP. T:92-333-2262037
brass handicrafts,copper handicrafts,furniture,hand made textile,flower vases,brass / copper antique lamps,wooden swings,carved furniture

91. RAEES TRADERS T:92-52-3521615
[Trading Company ISO 9001:2000]
lamination, ply wood, skin door, chip board, mdf

92. ALLEN SURGICAL (PVT.) LIMITED T:92-52-3552456
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000] forceps,scissors,hammers,every surgical instruments,etc

93. ZUBAIR SPORTS T:92-556-604735
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000] swords,knife,daggers,huntting knife,kitchen knife,axe,movies swords,damascus knife,folding knife,cutlery,tableware,throwing knife,damascus blade

94. MS + AN INTERNATIONAL T:92-523-551517
pocket knives, hunting knives, throwing knives, boot knives, fantasy sword, medieval swords, military swords, movie swords

95. M/S MABSON INDUSTRIES T:92-55-6601646
furniture handle knob

96. BRIAN&COMPANY T:92-333-8639480
equestrain products, horse riding equipments, riding gloves, saddle pad, horse bits, horse bridles, halters, chaps, rugs, horse boots, horse ear net

97. KHAN ENTERPRISES T:0092-345-6906033
pocket knives,laguiole knives,key ring knives,kitchen knives,hunting knives,daggers,swords,knuckle buckles,scissors,leather garments

98. CRAFTALON T:92-42-7702467
colored aluminum wire, brass wire, craft wire, nickel silver wire, tinned copper wire, silver plated wire, colored copper wire, gold plated wire

99. MAHNOOR SALT CRAFT T:92-544-409240
[Manufacturer ISO 14001:2004] himalayan salt lamps,candle hodlers,salt tile,salt bricks,natural lamps

100. HASNAIN INTERNATIONAL T:92-41-2649655
manufacturer of rock salt crystal lams candle holder and tea light

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