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81. GIDS T:92-051-2100496
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000] ballistic helmet,bullet proof helmet,safety helmet,forces helmet,army helmet,nbc suits,nbc protective suits

82. SAS INTERNATIONAL T:92-42-37749633
uniforms, workwear, berets, belts, boots, shoes, coveralls, bibs, ribbons, medals, caps, gloves, shirts, trousers, lanyards, whistles, boots, badges

[Government ministry ISO 9001:2008] security guards,security services,electronic security,office staff available,domestic servents available,consultancy

84. JAVED GLOVES MAKER T:92-41-2693640
cotton gloves, nylon gloves, polyester gloves, jersey gloves, drill gloves, garment made-ups.

85. AL FAROOQ ENTERPRISES T:0092-49-2761572
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000] tents,relief tents,refugee tents,emergency tents,camping tents,bell tents,frame tents,deluxe tents,wedding tents,unhcr relief tents,all kind of tents

86. ALPHA BUSINESS MACHINE T:92-021-6053707
[Trading Company]
time recorders,finger print,coding machine,carton sealors

87. THERMOSOLE T:92-334-4229116
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000] auto parts,jerry cans,textile bobbins,gardenning products,road safety equipment

88. CRESTARTCRAFT T:92-52-4596761
hand embroiderdbadges,uniform accessories,flags,army uniforms and accessories,army badges,musical instruments,sports goods,army sholders,army caps

89. TRUE TRADE T:0092-52-4595154
we offer gloves, balacalavas, knee pads, elbo pads, jackets for law enforcement and military.

jackets, pants, gloves, one pieces suite, motorcycle racing apparel

91. TONY SPORTS T:92-52-3258710
cricket products,soccer balls,cricket gloves,soccer kits,shinguard,shinpad,sports wears,t-shirts,polo shirt,golf shirt,track suit,jogging suit

92. HILL & HILL INDUSTRIES T:92-0314-4251987
martial arts,boxing equipments,weight lifting belts,soccer balls,beauty care instruments,sports goods,sports wear,garments,track suits,leather goods

93. LORD SPORTS T:92-52-3573878
[Manufacturer ISO 14001:2004] boxing equipments,sporting goods,karate equipments,jiu jitsu gi's,sports wear

94. JKAAS SPORTS T:92-52-3254172
sports, apparel, motorbike accessories, leather garments, textile cordura garments

95. FILZ TRADERS, T:92-052-3558984
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000] surgical and dental instruments and scissors,martial arts,sports goods,gloves

96. PROHANDIND T:92-523-611071
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000] working gloves,leather gloves,mechanic gloves,welding gloves,driving gloves

97. ZED PAK INDUSTRIES T:92-52-3540097
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000] motorbike suits / gloves, guanti, working gloves, welding gloves, fashion gloves, working garments, driver gloves, mechanic gloves, weight lifting

98. CINTEX INTERNATIONAL T:92-300-7109094
racing gloves, summer gloves, winter gloves, mechanics gloves, riding & driving gloves, motocross gloves, cycling gloves, motorbike suits

99. REX ENTERPRISES T:92-52-4587663
soccer balls,sports wear,work wear,motobike / motorcycle wear,protective wear,police wear,golf gloves,sailing gloves,motorbike gloves,polo shirts,t

100. SYED AND SONS INDUSTRIES T:92-52-4291405
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000] leather products, leather garment, cordura garments, gloves, saddle bags, leather pant, racing jackets, varsity jackets, motorbike racing suit

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